Abacus (Mental Arithmetic)

What is Mental Arithmetic?

Mental Arithmetic is the technique of making calculation orally without any calculator or using any calculate device. With the help of this method child can enhance their so many hidden qualities like concentration power, speed, accuracy, logical reasoning, grasping ability etc.

Need of Today:

In this jet age of competition and survival of the fittest, every child need an extra edge to stand out, something over & above classroom studies & abacus based mental arithmetic program gives the children just that. Abacus training helps the child to perform mathematical & arithmetical calculation faster than a calculator.

The Course Structure: 

The complete course designed by Mahi Coaching comprise of 6 level, in which each level is of 3 month duration. Hence the entire course will be covered in 18 Month. Each class will be of 2 Hours duration and will be held once in a week.

On completion of each module a test is conducted to access the child’s performance and if he/she succeed the child is promoted to the next level and is also awarded a certificate after each level.

To give an exposure to students they are made to appear in national level abacus based Mental Arithmetic Competition.