Key Features


We execute our planning and strategy. We keep these three key features to shoot out competition exams.


We plan out for the candidate towards his exam structure. We believes that one can understand and keep the things in his/her mind. Keeping and gaining the knowledge is our key feature.


Strategical study is our next key feature. We plan out the exam structure and make things easy to understand. Strategically planning is important to pass out any exam.

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We are working on:

Competitive Exam

We are working on competition exams of state level.

School Examinations

In this era of competition one should be prepare from root. We are providing this features from school level so that child could be prepare for the Today’s competition.


English & Personality development is very essential today. We are working on it. We gives the best result in this section.

Our team

What our Students say

Mahi Caoching Classes gives me the potential to clear up my exam

Chetan Sharma

Mahi Coaching classes give me actual notes that helps me a lot. Thanks a lot